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We are your best chance, when you've lost expensive data...and time is critical!

Emergency, safe, confidential unlimited data recovery services,  from our New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles,  Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, and Houston offices for commercial and organizational  clients only. 

Federal SmartPay Accepted

Critical response for all emergency data failures. 


 Our clean-rooms can perform expert data recovery, and data forensics on even badly damaged media.  Data Recovery Services inc. provides  the expertise necessary for the recovery, isolation, redaction, and verification of your data.  We work with a variety of media including; laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, SCSI & SATA drives, DLT and DAT tapes, DVRs, memory cards, floppy & zip disks, intelligent devices and internet based archives.   Our clean rooms staff can overcome even very severe mechanical damage, media damage, and data corruption.   While our programmers, with expertise in many 3rd and 4th generation languages, and a wide variety of operating systems, can expertly repair, renew, redact, and de-duplicate diverse data sets.

Data recovery, data forensics, and litigation support are competitive*, complex, multi-disciplinary processes.  Involving the best efforts of programmers, hardware experts, data specialists, and highly skilled technicians.    Data Recovery Services  labs use a combination of proprietary software, specialized hardware, and years of experience to regain access to your data after a major crash, legal directive, or acts of sabotage.      

Note we are now offering  free evaluation and  flat fee service at Emergency, ASAP,  Economy  & RAID:

Ask your  technician about it.

We do not charge a diagnostic fee (except for complex cases).  We will evaluate your media and give you our professional opinion as to the potential for a successful recovery.   We offer an urgency graded fixed fee program, that allows you to choose a price that is appropriate to your needs. We offer emergency, ASAP, and economy rates.   We give you the option of additional discounts based upon risk, status (viz. non-profit, government, student, etc.) , and payment security.  Please click here to examine or published rates, also listed as RATES on the top menu. 

If your drive is working and accessible to the internet, we offer very cost effective remote recovery service, which is ideal for deleted files or forensic exam of a working drive.

As we know all too well our industry is highly why chose DRS over our flashier, and often better known rivals;

  1. Extensive references and experience [see or references below]

  2. Published Flat fixed fee prices [beware of dis-honest promises - over half our customers are second chance recoveries, because of the incompetence or predatory pricing of our competitors]

  3. Good corporate citizenship: We offer significant discounts for government, educational, and non-profit customers, plus we offer additional discounts for secure payments

  4. Multiple service levels: Emergency, ASAP, and Economy

Data Recovery Services  may send a technician to remove your drives for transport back to our laboratory.    If your problem is a simple file recovery, or a complicated RAID data recovery which requires on-site support, our local office may be able help you locally.  We offer drop-off and pick-up service in New York, Chicago, Washington,  Los Angeles, and other large cites around the US.

Special Services:

Since 1989,  Data Recovery Services  have recovered over 874 Tb of data lost  through a number of disk and file failure problems.  Our best qualifications are our references, please feel free to review them below.


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We specialize in PC, MAC & Linux media, including; Win9x, NT, Win2x, WinXp, DVR, MAC, and Linux.


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